My dream last night! Or more correctly, this morning. Three beautiful, glowingly orange tigers running amok at Camp Runamok. Trying to eat seniors riding those crazy senior scooters, and I was part of the pack running them off with much aplomb. Excellent dream.


I took no medicine last night, so as of now I am off of all blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and depression meds. We’ll see how it goes. It’s not a big problem to begin again, but I just decided I wanted to try and see how it makes me feel. I wish I had blood tests on tap, but I can take my BP and BG at home and make an informed choice based on that.

Anyway, I have no problem dying right now. I would just rather NOT stroke out and lose what few feeble faculties I have.

TIGERS! Lovely dream.

*afternoon update* I look a little red and I feel a little red, and not in a good commiepinko type of way, so I took my BP & BG meds. No statins tho. We’ll see how that works.

I’ve made myself all sad, too, posting photos of P. Miss her so much. Sucks to be me, trapped here, without her to make the world a good place to be in.


Boot Hill, baby, see you at Boot Hill.