Craving Fat and Salt like crazy. Is it too much? Is it making me ill? At this point, I’m rather obsessed, primarily because there is NOTHING ELSE IN MY LIFE. Besides the obvious cat roommate problems.

I took my readings at 3:40 pm:

BP 121/83.

BG 121.

Face very hot, like a niacin burn or something.

I think BG is high, and I think my appetite is larger than I would like. Like licking-bacon-grease-off-a-plate hungry.

I skipped metformin for a couple of days, but decided to take it yesterday, and will take it today, right now. I will take half dose at 500 mg right now, and 500 mg at midnite. Also took 2K vitamin D. I don’t have a multivitamin, so that’s out. It is really sunny and hot today, and as usual on awful sunny days like this, I am having trouble leaving the house. This is sadly very typical for me. I didn’t feel like this last week, so I was hoping that keto was helping this agoraphobia. I have not been out in the sun for 4 days, so it may be influenced by lack of sunlight, also. I don’t know, but I’m making a note of it.

Do not feel so great, what with the fear and shame making a reappearance, and the fun face burning making me feel like a hypochondriac. Not at my best, feeling pressure from my life situations, beginning of new month, cat problems, and general loserness.

Cooked 2 burgers with butter, and a broth to drink at 4 pm also, but am suddenly full! Did licking the bacon-grease-plate fulfill my need for fat and salt? Make a note of it.

I will eat them later if I am hungry. They’ll keep.